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We are very happy to announce that the restaurant will be re-opening 1 October.

For the safety of all our guests and staff please observe the following protocol:

No one will be admitted without a safety mask. This of course may be removed at the dining table.

We recommend shorter overcoats that you can hang over your chair.

Please wait outside if the entrance lobby is occupied. If clear, wait by the screen and use antibacterial hand spray provided before being seated.

Customers with walking difficulties or in wheelchairs arriving by car should get dropped off at the front. the driver can then come in from the car park by using the 1st floor entrance or by walking round. Help is available if required.


Christmas and all large party bookings 

The maximum numbers of guests we can accommodate safely are 44 on the ground floor and 42 in the Athena Room.

You may request a seating plan and appropriate menus for your function. Please note seating is restricted to two households per table for the time being.


In general:

We will do everything we can to make the dining out experience as pleasant and relaxed as possible albeit with masks, head visors and doing all the other essential tasks to make it as safe as possible.

We will be offering a free “welcome back” drink to all our guests throughout October.

Use our website link for reservations and all booking enquiries.

We wish everyone good health and keep safe.

Chris, Sophie and all our wonderful staff.



















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